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This course is designed for highly motivated students of 19 years and over. LTS is the only school in Merseyside to be validated by Trinity College London to deliver Level 6 Diploma in Professional Acting.

The aim of the diploma is to develop the skills needed to be successful in the ever-demanding acting profession. Students need to be versatile, skilled and dedicated to succeed.

The course provides intensive, exciting and professional training. Students focus on the techniques of acting for TV, Film and stage, through a balanced timetable, which supports their development. Students will also take part in weekly singing, movement, voice, audition preparation and career development classes.

Students will be taught techniques and exercises rooted in the principles of Konstantin Stanislavski and American practitioner Uta Hagen, putting them at the centre of the creative process in order to develop a logical and synthesised understanding and application of the diverse technical elements of role creation. The learning is designed to equip the student with a robust and highly flexible system with which to work, and to develop their skills and approach to acting both practically and philosophically.

Expert teaching staff, guest lecturers and visiting directors all ensure you continuously strive to meet your personal challenges. To help you maintain your high standards, individual progress is closely monitored. Regular tutorials and assessments ensure you receive continual feedback and support.


Year 1

The first year of study aims to build the core skills and techniques needed to become a successful actor. Acting forms the central spine of the course, and students will be introduced the works from different auteurs and directors across film, TV and stage theatre. In addition students will have classes in singing, dancing and stage combat.


Year 2

Students will have the opportunity to practice their trade in in-house performances throughout the year. Second year focuses on developing and strengthening the core techniques, skills and ethos learnt in the previous year. Students will also learn the historical, social and political context of the writers and their work. Students will rehearse and perform extracts from Chekov, Ibsen, Wilde, Coward and Shakespeare.  


Year 3

Third year is all about performing! The students will refine their acting ability by rehearsing and performing in two external productions from a dramatic genre with external directors and a TIE project. Students will also get the opportunity to showcase their talent to agents in their London Showcase at a West End Theatre and at their North West Showcase here at LTS. 

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This course is designed for students 16 years and over. Skills in Dance, Acting and Singing are required at the time of Audition.

The increasingly popular one year course is an excellent preparation for longer term training. The focus throughout the year will be developing the core techniques in Singing, Acting and Dance, to enable students to progress to further study in Musical Theatre. One to one technical singing forms a vital part of your year, complementing and enhancing your development.

Students will receive expert professional tuition, advice and support from experienced teaching staff and pastoral tutors who will guide them in audition preparation for schools and colleges of their choice.

Foundation students have the opportunity to perform in various in-house productions and in our end of year show; The Performance.


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This diploma is devised for talented students of 16 years and over who want to be successful in Musical Theatre and is a level six qualification validated by Trinity College, London.

The aim of the course is to develop our students into triple threats that can make it in the West End. We instil the versatile and dedicated work ethic into our students so they are able to achieve in the extremely demanding musical theatre industry.

We make sure students get the attention they deserve by making sure none of our class sizes exceed 16 students. This works in tandem with our intensive, exciting and extensive teaching of singing, acting and dancing.

Students will have weekly performance workshops, audition preparation and career development sessions. Every week students will take part in individual singing lessons that will develop their technique and repertoire. Keeping fit is an important aspect of performing at the highest level we ensure you have an excellent level of health and fitness through diagnostics, body conditioning, Pilates and nutrition sessions.

Expert teaching staff, guest lecturers and visiting directors ensure you continuously strive to meet your personal challenges. To help you maintain your high standards, individual progress is closely monitored. Regular tutorials and assessments ensure you receive continual feedback and support.

Year 1

Students focus on a broad-based core curriculum concentrating on achieving strong basic technical skills in dance, acting and singing. Contextual studies in anatomy, health & safety, history of musical theatre and theatre studies provide related academic content. In-house student productions allow for the development of artistic confidence and peer co-operation.

Year 2

The second year of the course aims to build on the core subjects with the emphasis on further strengthening and broadening of technique and integrating projects are worked on. Students are now focusing on developing skills and knowledge and encouraging an analytical and artistic approach to the practical and theoretical work in preparation for the graduating year.

Year 3

The main emphasis in the third year is to consolidate the students’ training for their intended profession. Professional Employment Skills are key, and individual career aims are addressed. A main feature of the third year is performance experience. Three productions for the course are prepared: a play, a showcase both in the North West and London where invited agents attend, and a musical. All students take part in the annual college show, which culminates in the celebration of graduation day.

All students perform several times during the year (See Performance Opportunities section)

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“It’s very rare at theatre schools today to get individual attention when you are in class. I found at LTS because of their smaller class size, that there was no hiding during exercises, so teachers would notice any improvements you could make. It may sound daunting to feel exposed, but having that knowledge passed on, individually to you, is so valuable and that is why you can see vast improvements in the students at LTS over the 3 years.”

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