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Last week we caught up with our brilliant graduate Camille Mesnard. Camille is 29 and graduated from LTS 7 years ago in 2010. Since then Camille has been up to all sorts from being on the BBC TV programme ‘Over The Rainbow’ for Andrew Lloyd Webber, to playing the roles of Beauty, Snow White and Jill in Panto’s. She has been a part of ‘Children of Eden’ at the Prince of Wales theatre alongside Louise Dearman, Oliver Thornton, Gareth Gates and Lauren Samuels. She has also done contracts on the Regent and Oceania cruise ships for Jean Ann Ryan Production. She played Miriam in the new musical ‘Slaves of the Kingdom’ at the Edinburgh Festival, Understudied and played both Belle and Mrs Potts in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ for stage entertainment. She was a part of the cast of “Singin’ in the Rain” at the Châtelet (Paris) for Stephen Mear, Robert Carsen and Gareth Valentine. She has been a lead singer in the Europe tour of ‘Disney in concert’ for Incredible Management alongside a 45-piece orchestra. Currently, she is doing the reprise of “Singin’ in the Rain” at the Grand Palais. And like that all wasn’t enough she also produced her own show ‘Homage to Edith Piaf’ as a guest entertainer on cruise ships with her American agent ‘Tad Management’. We caught up with Camille and asked her a few questions, first we asked, where do you want to be in 5 years? She replied;

I want to just carry on making a living of what I love most. This industry is tough for EVERYONE. Even the people that you may think “have made it” do not always work, it is virtually impossible. I would love for my guest entertainer career to grow, as my show is very important to me, but I would also love to try different things such as voice overs, commercials etc. I would also love to open my own musical theatre school in the south of France, where I am originally from, but not just yet. Honestly though, as long as I still sing and act for a living I will be a very happy lady.

It is very nice to know that you are still as passionate about performing now as you were when you studied with us. Keep working hard and we’re sure you’ll get to where you want to be. Secondly we asked Camille, what did you enjoy most about LTS? She answered;

The care that I received and the lessons I got given by wonderful teachers. When I first came to LTS I could not even speak English properly. I found some wonderful friends that corrected me non-stop and some teachers that went the extra mile to give me private diction lessons. I just felt as though the teachers were behind me and they wanted me to succeed, always. One thing is for sure, the hard work is for you to be done, teachers are not there to express how wonderful you are, on the contrary, they are there to tell you what needs working on. I can’t stress enough how important it is to concentrate on you and your work instead of who got the solo, the centre stage spot and the better mark. What LTS is good at is trying to make you shine at the best of your ability.

It is lovely to hear such kind words about our brilliant staff! With our auditions just around the corner we asked Camille, why should prospective students choose LTS? She replied;

Because it is crucial to be given a chance and feel confident about who you are as an artist. I have met dozens and dozens of students from the top 2/3 London MT schools who were not even involved in their showcase. They did not do a step of dance or sang a single note because there was simply too many of them in the class and were not given the chance to show who they were during the duration of their course. They graduated with no chance whatsoever to show their talents. How do you get an agent then? LTS gave everyone a chance. That was the case throughout the three-year course. We all sang solos on a weekly basis if front of each other. We all had a part, even a very small one, in the plays we were working/putting on. We were all dancing, even if we were at the back with the least technique! When you are then, out there, at auditions, it helps tremendously.

We try to push our students to better themselves at all aspects of performing as like Camille says, when you enter the real world it benefits you massively. Finally, we asked Camille, what is your favourite memory/story of you time at LTS? She replied;

That is such a tough question. I literally have too many. We had a lot of laughs. This might be a little rude, but so what… We were working on ‘Once a Catholic’ by Mary O’Malley. There was that scene where three school girls are talking about a man’s parts and there was that one word that I really could not figure out- “willy”. I felt as though if I got that word, I would understand the meaning of the whole thing a lot more. Well, I felt so comfortable with my class and teacher that I simply put my hand up and asked, “what is a willy?”. Everyone laughed out loud, a few of them were actually crying and to make it all worse the teacher had to explain. I don’t think I have ever felt so embarrassed then… but I now love that story.

Thank you for your time Camille and we wish you all the best in your future projects. Keep working hard and the dreams will come true, it sounds like you’re well on your way!

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“It’s very rare at theatre schools today to get individual attention when you are in class. I found at LTS because of their smaller class size, that there was no hiding during exercises, so teachers would notice any improvements you could make. It may sound daunting to feel exposed, but having that knowledge passed on, individually to you, is so valuable and that is why you can see vast improvements in the students at LTS over the 3 years.”

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