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This week we caught up with our brilliant graduate Michael Bailey. Michael graduated from LTS in 2011 and since then has done a little bit of everything from ‘Panto’ both acting and choreographing to TIE and short films to tribute shows. Some of his main highlights though have been a 10 month contract on the Costa NeoRomamtica cruise ship and also being part of a brand new musical ‘Liver Birdsong’ which was on at the Epstien Theatre last December. He also turned his hand to the screen playing Vinnie Jones’ son in the 2016 movie Kill Kane. Currently he is working on two projects, firstly he is about to start rehearsing for the 25th Anniversary production of Her Benny which is on next year, playing Benny and secondly the Christmas ‘Panto’, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in Port Sunlight. We caught up with Michael and asked him a few questions, first we asked, where do you want to be in 5 years time?

I love screen work and hope that in that time I’ll have been able to expand my experience working in that genre. At this point in time TV shows are the strongest they’ve ever been, producing some of the most amazing material out there so to break into that arena is definitely a goal.

Brilliant! It’s amazing for us to see how many of our graduates use their training in acting to go into acting for television. I’m sure you’ll get where you want to be Michael. Secondly we asked him, what did you enjoy most about LTS?

I enjoyed learning so many different techniques across all different genres of performing. Before I came to LTS I wasn’t a dancer at all, but I loved becoming a dancer and discovering what I was capable of through the versatility of the teaching, which was outstanding and it got the best from me. I also loved how, although we took the work seriously, we never took ourselves seriously, we laughed until we cried every single day.

Lovely words about our fantastic school. He tells the truth, the hallways ring with laughter every time the students are on a break, but when in class, you could hear a pin drop. Work hard, play hard! With our auditions just around the corner, we asked Michael, why should prospective students chose LTS?

It gets the best from you effortlessly, you don’t see the transition. Then all of a sudden you notice you’re able to do things you couldn’t do before, people start to comment on how much you’re improving or how much stronger you are and you haven’t even noticed it. LTS encourages you to play to your strengths, and makes new strengths from your weaknesses.

Also, and I know this phrase gets used a lot, but LTS has such a family atmosphere. It’s not a college where the students are just numbers, there is a care for each individual and for each other.

And finally we asked, what is your favourite memory/story of your time at LTS?

Most of them I probably can’t repeat!!!! A LOT of mischief went on! Haha!

But showcase weekend definitely stands out. It’s what you work towards. The buzz of actually performing it in the West End is unsurpassable. Then to carry on the high you go and speak to agents, go and see shows, celebrate with the teachers and each other. It’s a special time.

And (I know this probably isn’t what you’re looking for but…) it would be criminal for me not to mention the time a prop was thrown into the audience during a performance of the 3rd year play ‘Road’ and it hit an audience member square in the face, singularly the funniest thing I’ve ever seen! My friend and I had to try and not laugh through the entire next scene which was a really serious monologue!

Very naughty, yet well done for the professionalism. Thank you for your time Michael! We’re sure if you keep working hard you get to the heights you’re dreaming of. Best of luck in the next projects and everything you do from then on. Thank you for catching up with us, we’ll see you soon!

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Last week we caught up with our fabulous graduate Lisle des Landes. Lisle is 23 now and graduated from LTS in 2016. Since graduating Lisle has filled his boots with as much theatre as he could, playing a range of different characters. He’s played Scrooge in a pantomime show of ‘A Christmas Carol’ and he performed as Peter Pan in Make Believe Production’s musical ‘The Return of Neverland’.  Recently he took part in a production of Jane Eyre alongside some other LTS graduates and is currently in rehearsal for Drops of Light productions Christmas pantomime, ‘Beauty & the Beast’.

It is safe to say that Lisle is keeping himself busy! With all this hard work, we asked Lisle, ‘Where do you want to be in 5 years?’ He replied;

If I’m being realistic, in 5 years I want to be able to say that theatre is what pays my bills. I want to be an established performer and I want to have created something myself to reflect how i see the world rather than just performing through another person’s lens.

A very honest answer and also something that Lisle seems like he is on his way to doing.  We then asked Lisle, what did you enjoy most about LTS? He said;

“For three years I got to live and breathe musical theatre. Even though it was tough at the time, I really enjoyed getting to dance, sing and act every single day without having to think about anything else.”

Lisle is someone very passionate about the arts and being given the opportunity to perform, so we asked Lisle why prospective students should chose LTS? He replied;

“There is nowhere else you can go and get the same one to one training you do at LTS. The teachers have a strong passion for theatre and they instil the same passion in you.”

Finally, after some kind words about the staff here at LTS, we asked Lisle, what is your favourite memory/story of your time at LTS? He said;   

“During rehearsals for our third year play, ‘Love and Information’, there was a scene between Emily and Marissa where they were playing nuns. We’d never seen them in costume before and out of the blue Matthew our director wanted to run a section of scenes together. They came in, in full nun attire which took us all by surprise! They couldn’t get through the scene looking at each other because it was making them laugh, meanwhile the rest of us were supposed to be frozen in positions and we were trying our best not to laugh either. It will forever be the most hilarious and terrifying moment of my time at LTS.”

Thank you very much for your time Lisle, we wish you all the best in Beauty & the Beast and all your projects to come later. Keep working hard and pushing yourself and we’re certain that the dream will become a reality. Stay in touch and thank you again,

Liverpool Theatre School


“LTS provides excellent musical theatre training in the north of England which produces amazing talent. Celebrity Cruises who I am the UK Casting Associate for have hired a number of graduates from LTS over the past 3 years!”

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